Friday, 16 May 2014

On the other side...

Lessons, after school clubs, meetings…its different doing it from the other side. Having dreamt my whole life of being a teacher it is good to be putting that dream into action. There is never one day in the week that is the same. There is always variety, new experiences and new lessons to be learnt. The weather has been a bonus towards the end of this week and it has meant that all outdoor lessons; Athletics, Tennis and Rounders can go ahead. Yesterday I delivered my first ever Javelin lesson! I was so scared to start off with; Year 10s (most of them bigger than me), health and safety and delivery all being aspects on my mind. I survived! Safety being one of the best parts of the lesson…phew!

It is great to see learners achieving their potential and the best thing is that it happens when you least expect it, often giving children that avenue to explore, a new experience/sport can be a real form of motivation and a huge boost that they need. There is also a lot of paperwork that comes with teaching, PE or not, lesson plans, unit plans and evaluations to name but a few. The last couple of weeks I have struggled with this a lot and it certainly needs determination and commitment in order to succeed. Observations by experienced teachers have also been vital in my development. I look forward to the remainder of this placement and seeing more learners achieving their goals.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela.