Thursday, 24 April 2014

Back to School

After a year of being back in lectures at University and becoming a second year student I am finally back to school! Of course I mean I am back to carry out my Teacher Training Year 2 Placement. I have been placed at a Secondary School in Hertfordshire. This is my first week, and so far, its going well. The best experience you receive as a PE QTS trainee is the School Experiences because you are in a real life school setting, the classes become your own, you are teaching and planning for several lessons a day and I even have a Year 7 form group!

PE can be a challenging subject to teach at times; you get the learners who love PE and you certainly get the learners who hate it! I aim to make my lessons as inclusive as possible and am passionate about making my lessons suit the needs of each individual that I teach. This year I am placed in a School for 6 weeks during the summer term. This is a new and, at times, nerve racking experience for me as in Year 1 we had a winter term placement so we are therefore teaching different types of sports and it happens that Athletics, Tennis and Rounders are typical sports to be delivered in Schools at this time of year. Of which Athletics and Tennis are challenging topics for me as my subject knowledge isn't as good within these areas but, I am learning along the way. Yesterday I taught my first Year 10 lesson of Shot Putt and also managed to include the Reciprocal Teaching Style throughout my lesson. This gave the learners a chance to coach one another and feedback on each other’s performance and this worked really well and gained a positive response from all learners.

I am enjoying being back in a School environment, teaching and learning and developing new skills. The 6am wake up calls can be challenging at times but its worth it!

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see”- Alexandra K.Trenfor.